Who is in Charge When You are Grooming?

Who is in Charge When You are Grooming?

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How Do I Get My Puppy To Be Quiet In His Kennel? Buying a Puppy

How Do I Get My Puppy To Be Quiet In His Kennel?

May 20 0

Getting your puppy to be quiet in his kennel can be a tough, frustrating task.

Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Big German Shepherds

Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

May 17 0

We are delighted to have long haired German Shepherd Puppies for sale. Our long haired German Shepherd Puppies are some of our favorites! We’re glad you’ve visited us! If you’re looking for long haired German Shepherd Puppies for sale, you’ve come to the right place. We work hard to provide perfectly formed, physically solid puppies from incredibly healthy parents. All of our long haired German Shepherd Puppies are AKC registered and OFA certified dogs. We screen their hips and elbows before we breed them to make sure that they are breeding incredibly healthy pups. We also screen for DM. The simple reason why we breed German Shepherds is because of our love of the breed. However, it truly goes beyond that. Our dogs have brought amazing amounts of joy to our lives – we take them all over Alaska with us. They go hiking with us, ride on our boat, come along when we ski and on many other...

Choosing a Veterinarian Blog

Choosing a Veterinarian

May 16 0

Choosing a Veterinarian is a big decision. Your vet will play a major role in keeping your dog healthy and it is best if you have the same vet from puppyhood on. Choosing a vet is super important and is not something you should take lightly. There are plenty of websites out there that will rate vets, but we don’t think they are a very good way to choose your vet. We’re going to lay out a few ways for you here that will make choosing a veterinarian easy. When you are choosing a veterinarian, the first thing you should do is ask your friends that have pets who they see. Find out about their personal experiences with the vet. Ask them questions about how much time the vet spends in the room with them, if they feel like the vet is interested in all of their questions. Does the vet seem to remember their dog from visit to...

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Lower the Bar When Training Your Puppy Blog

Lower the Bar When Training Your Puppy

May 15 0

Training your puppy absolutely must be fun. You also need to work as hard as you can to set your puppy up for success. One of the largest keys to training your puppy is setting the bar low. If you’ve ever wondered why some people have perfectly trained puppies and you’re having a problem, I am going to help you fix that. Like I’ve said before, at his core your dog wants you to tell it what to do. There may be some things in the way of that if you are adopting an adult dog, like figuring out who the pack leader is. But if you’ve got a fresh puppy that you want to teach the basics to, this post is key. What do I mean when I say lower the bar? I mean that at the beginning of your new relationship, if your puppy even remotely does what you want, reward him vigorously. You need to have...

What to Feed When Your Dog Has An Upset Stomach. Blog

What to Feed When Your Dog Has An Upset Stomach.

May 14 0

It can be tough to know what to feed when your dog has an upset stomach. Feeding your dog the right food when he has an upset stomach can help speed their recovery. No one likes having a sick puppy. Having a sick puppy can mean coming home to an unpleasant clean-up job in their kennel or having to call a carpet cleaning company. Not to mention your poor puppy. When we get sick, we don’t eat the same foods as we normally would and neither should your pup. When your dog has an upset stomach, you will want to pay more attention to their food. Having German Shepherd Puppies, from time to time, we have to deal with stomach illnesses. We don’t generally know the cause, but we often switch their diet to much more bland food to help them through. Especially with our younger puppies, we pay close attention to how they are eating and how it...

Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies Big German Shepherds

Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies

May 13 0

We get many, many questions about our Long Haired German Shepherd puppy named Lava. People often want to know where her beautiful hair comes from and why she looks so different from traditional German Shepherds.   Lava is stunning. I never get tired of looking at her, petting her or posting photos of her. She has perfect structure and long, beautiful hair. She is by far one of the most beautiful Long Haired German Shepherd puppies I have ever seen. I was excited to get her long before she was even born. Her parents were stunning, beautiful animals and I knew she would be, too. Her beauty is far more than I had even anticipated. We get many questions about why Lava has long hair and we’ve done our best to help you understand through our post explaining why Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies have such beautiful coats. If you’ve read that post, you know that it is all...

Remind Your Children: Dogs are Animals Blog

Remind Your Children: Dogs are Animals

May 13 0

My dogs are my children and we love them, but I never forget that they are animals. Too often, we read heartbreaking stories of children being hurt (or worse) by dogs. There is a story in our news here in Anchorage about a 2 year old girl being brutally attacked by a sled dog this weekend. It’s horrifying to read, but if you want to, you can read it here. Basically a family that owns some sled dogs (common here in Alaska) for mushing was visiting and feeding them. As they were leaving, a dog (it is unclear if it is one that they own) got a hold of the 2 year old and viciously attacked her. She is in bad shape, but is alive at the moment. Our hearts go out to her and her family. Apparently, one of the huskies broke an s-hook that it was tied up with and got to her. It’s a tragic story,...

Is Owning a Dog Worth the Pain? Blog

Is Owning a Dog Worth the Pain?

May 12 0

Owning a dog is really just a countdown to heartbreak. We’re going to explore whether owning a dog is worth the pain It may be bad business for a breeder to write a post reminding readers of the heartbreak that accompanies dog ownership. However, in trying to be ethical breeders of German Shepherd Puppies, we try to be pretty real with you. There are very, very few things that make grown men cry as easily as saying goodbye to their dog. It’s the worst. This is where your inability to actually have a conversation with your dog hurts the worst. Is owning a dog even worth it? I can say that for me, saying goodbye to dogs are certainly some of the most painful memories I have in my life. We spent a lot of time this weekend at the Pet Hospital with Charcoal. This morning, when we were headed in, there was a man and a woman with...

Is My Dog Overweight? Be the Pack Leader

Is My Dog Overweight?

May 9 0

Are you paying attention to your dog’s weight? If you find yourself asking, “Is my dog overweight?” you’ve come to the perfect spot Our German Shepherd Puppies grow to be big dogs, so from time to time people want to know if their dog is getting a little too large. It’s important that you monitor your dog’s weight and that his weight fits his frame properly. If your dog is getting a little too thick, it’s a problem. For a dog, and especially puppies that are growing, every pound is more important to them because their joints and bones are already doing a lot of work to keep them moving, and since they aren’t as big as humans, each pound is a higher percentage of their overall weight… adding 5 pounds to a dog that weighs 65 pounds is the same as adding 13 pounds to an average man! So now that you’re ready to start paying attention to...

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