Teach Your Dog’s Rank To Him – Be the Pack Leader

Teach Your Dog’s Rank To Him – Be the Pack Leader

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4 Things to Consider When Picking Out Dog Food For Your Puppy Big German Shepherds

4 Things to Consider When Picking Out Dog Food For Your Puppy

Apr 20 0

How to Decide What To Feed Your Dog – 4 Things to Consider When Picking Out Dog Food For Your Puppy – German Shepherd Puppy Breeder – German Shepherd Dogs in Alaska   We hope you started by reading our blog post on 10 things you should consider before buying a puppy and decided that one of our German Shepherd Puppies for Sale was for you. Now what? Well, we can guarantee one thing – your new German Shepherd Puppy is going to want to eat! The below information will help you decide what to feed your new puppy, but remember, this information is not just for owners of large German Shepherd Dogs, but for all dog breeds. Food plays into maintaining a healthy weight, their bone health, their teeth health and your wallet health!   Deciding what to feed them can be a daunting task! Here are 4 things to consider when picking out dog food for your...

Dog Grooming – Bathe Your Puppy Bathing Your Dog

Dog Grooming – Bathe Your Puppy

Apr 17 0

Dog Grooming is super important to your dog’s health. We breed long haired German Shepherd Puppies in Alaska and spend a lot of time on dog grooming!

5 Steps to Start Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

Apr 7 0

  We have good news! If you buy a puppy from us, you’ll have no trouble brushing your dog’s teeth. That is, if you continue the hard work we put in. From shortly after your puppy is born, we do what we believe any good German Shepherd Dog Breeder should do – we get your dog accustomed to handling, which includes messing around in their mouths. Our vet Dr. Jen Tuomi, (who you can check out here), has been ingraining the importance of brushing dog’s teeth in us since before we had any of our puppies. We listen to everything Dr. Jen says, so if you ever have any questions – head over to see her! The pitfalls of not brushing your dog’s teeth are incredible. Root canals. Cavities. Did you know that to clean your dog’s teeth, your vet has to make them sleep? We promise you – it’s easier than you think. If you’ve been slacking a...

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My dogs fought each other, what should I do? Big German Shepherds

My dogs fought each other, what should I do?

Feb 3 Comments Off on My dogs fought each other, what should I do?

My dogs fought each other… What should I do? The first thing you have to realize – You don’t have overly aggressive dogs. You simply own animals. Dogs are, across the board, reactionary animals and incredibly self-serving. When your dogs fight, there’s a reason. Dogs do not just break out into fighting for no reason. Often times, the main reason dogs fight is for YOUR attention! Other reasons, as I’m sure you can come to, are food, toys and attention from other dogs. All of these issues can be compounded when you have multiple dogs – pack dynamics can get intense and we promise to blog on that later. We’ve had a few scraps here at our kennel (nothing too bad), but we’ve done a LOT of research on the matter and have found ways to not only prevent them, but make the dogs that weren’t happy with each other learn to play together in an acceptable manner. When...

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German Shepherd Teeth

Depending on you ask, some people might tell you that there is nothing scarier than German Shepherd Teeth. Since we are German Shepherd Breeders in Alaska, we have German Shepherd Teeth on our hands all of the time. When our dogs are puppies, we start cleaning in their mouths and getting them accustomed to having our hands in there. We don’t want our dogs to think it is acceptable to use their mouths in anger, so we are always watching out for that. Clean German Shepherd teeth are beautiful and help your dog avoid dental and oral problems down the road. Just like we have to take care of our long-haired German Shepherd Dogs’ fur, we have to take care of their teeth as well. Posts in this section will give you tips on how to take good care of your dog.

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