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Our girls really are the core of our kennel. They require a bit more care than the males and can get cranky with each other when their hormones kick up. As German Shepherd Breeders, we need these girls to make distinctly beautiful, large, healthy German Shepherd Puppies. Nature is really our ruler.


Mostly, they love to chase and play with each other and vie for our our Large German Shepherd Dog Blue and his Long Haired German Shepherd friend Charcoal’s attention. We enjoy (almost)every minute of having these girls and love them. Each of them produces beautiful German Shepherd Puppies in Alaska. One of the hardest things about having German Shepherd Females is maintaining pack order.


You might have heard that if you have one female dog and are thinking of getting another, you should get a male. Whoever told you that was probably right. Females are, in our experience and research, more territorial and more likely to spar. When you through the hormones of females that go in to heat in that mix – watch out! We work hard at controlling our pack and they will never act out in front of the head of the pack. Although in our mind’s and our Long-Haired German Shepherd Dog Hazel’s mind the alpha position is open, often times Olive thinks otherwise.


We don’t want to dissuade you from picking a female and if your females do spar, it does not mean they are vicious dogs – it is simply natural. However, we mention this because if you are looking at German Shepherd Puppies, this issue should be on your mind. It will likely be far easier if you have two dogs of the opposite sex.

Each of our females has a different personality and we have a lot of fun watching the pack dynamics. Josh makes sure that there is never any question in the pack about who is truly the head of it, but we really enjoy watching the rest of the interactions. As you probably imagine, we see a lot of cute stuff on a daily basis. Although what we wrote above about female dogs fighting is true, our females Emerald and Olive are best friends. They play together all day long every day. Working hard with your female German Shepherd Puppies early on can help prevent problems later. This is the case with Emerald and Olive.

German Shepherd Puppies

Don’t forget to think hard before getting a puppy.


Read our article on 10 Things You Should Consider Before Getting a Puppy as you work through the process of deciding when the right time is for a new family member. The most important thing to us as German Shepherd Breeders is that our dogs go to homes where they will be happy, healthy and create strong bonds with their owners. Make sure you wait until the right time for you!

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